Below are some examples of the asset sheets I put together and did some concepts for.
These were existing pieces of art in the game  (image on the right) for the Favela level. We weren't happy with the quality so we were having them redone by our outsourcer Exis Interactive, who we incredible to work with.
What I did was collect reference and texture examples and compiled the samples as well as composited them into a concept of how the final building should look like.

Below is the master style sheet with overall look and style ques to follow

The new art used details more efficiently and greatly improved the quality without increasing the poly count or texture memory significantly.
Here are some examples of the completed work compliments of Exis

Below are some layouts and visual direction I did for tile sets to build the South American Prison environment in FEAR3.
Previously the spaces were custom constructed, which was great until design needed to constantly go in an make adjustments to the space. Moving to a tiled based system made it easier to put new spaces together, and also allowed existing spaces to be modified easily, and in some cases allowed the designers to modify the layout with little involvement from Art. This allow experimentation for design and removed art as a bottleneck.

Collecting reference for texture and details as well as cues from existing concept art (produced by our in house concept team), I defined the smallest set of elements that allowed us to created the most varied in spaces.

Office tileset layout

In game shots of the office environment...level modeling by Daniel Wood/Matt Quickel, textures by Andrew Clark and lighting by Suzana Kilic

Cell Block tile set layout

Prison Hallway tile layout

This is the tile layout I did for the Wade Island Labratory environment...level modeling/layout by Matt Quickel, textures by Andrew Clark.

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